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Pineapple Express Polyester Knee Sleeves + Wrist Wraps



Be Like a Pineapple: Stand Tall, Stay Sharp with our Pineapple Express Polyester Knee Sleeves.

Includes (1) Pair of Pineapple Express Single Ply Polyester Knee Sleeves + 1 pair of Wrist Wraps and optional add-on of the matching Olympic Lifting Straps

This makes a great Christmas Gift!

***Variations in printing may cause product to not match EXACTLY in print pattern and colors. The pattern design will match but the colors may not match perfectly***

Questions? Email us at and someone ridiculously friendly will respond! 

Thank you for visiting Lifting the Dream!
Pairs perfectly with our matching Pineapple Wrist Wraps or Belt!
Thank you for visiting Lifting the Dream!

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