Lift CO. Wrist Wraps

Lift CO. Wrist Wraps

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You love the blue mountains backdrop of the Rockies, the bright red and yellow of the sky during an epic sunset. And now you can wear your Colorado pride on your wrists.

Our wraps feature:

  • 12” length, perfect wrap length for medium support
  • Anti-Microbial Material
  • Adjustable velcro for the perfect fit
  • Adjustable thumb loops for more secure positioning and support during hook grip
  • RAD Designs for every personality

This flexible design allows for reliable stability in your wrist to protect them during Powerlifting, Weightlifting, any wrist intensive workout or activity, such as Gymnastics or Yoga. Don't fuss with a cord or string to tighten these wraps, simply lift up the velcro and pull tight whenever you need adjustment.

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