Here is a list of common acronyms you'll see around the gym and their definitions :)

name definitions
AMRAP As Many reps/Rounds as Possible
BB Barbell
BBJO Box Jump Over
BJ Box Jump
BJO Box Jump Over
BMU Bar Muscle Up
BP Bench Press
BW Body Weight
BW Body Weight
C&J Clean and Jerk
C2B Chest To Bar Pull-up
CAL Calories (row, ski, bike, etc.)
DB Dumbbell
DL Deadlift
DU Double Under
EMOM Every Minute on the Minute
FR Front Rack (Position)
FS Front Squat
G2OH Ground to Overhead
GHD Glute Ham(string) Developer
HSPU Handstand Push-up
KB Kettlebell
ME Maximum Effort
METCON Metabolic Conditioning
MOD Modification
MU Muscle Up
OH Overhead Squat
OTM On the Min
PB Personal Best
PP Push Press
PR Personal Record
PU Pull-up or Push-up
RDL Romanian Deadlift
Rds Rounds
Rep Repetition
RFT Rounds For Time
ROM Range of Motion
RR Ring Row
RX As prescribed in the work out
S2OH Shoulder to Overhead
SDL Sumo Deadlift
SDLHP Sumo Deadlift High Pull
Set A number of Repetitions
SU Single Under
SUB Substitute
T2B or TTB Toes to Bar
TNG Touch N Go
WB Wall Ball
WOD Workout of the Day

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