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Fortune Cookie Knee Sleeves



These Fortune Cookie Knee Sleeves are a solid choice for a little mystery and a lot of simplicity. There is a different quote on the inside of each piece, designed like a fortune cookie, you won't find out until you open the package. 

Everyone needs a fun, dependable lifting partner. Our designs are FUNctional and support you like a good friend should. Mild to Moderate Compression in this area provides support, warmth, and stability – which will make you feel like a badass ready to throw some weight around.  Read more about their benefits, here.

  • Sold as a pair
  • 5mm of Badass Neoprene 
  • FUNctional silhouette designed for comfort.
  • Solid Black with a Badass message on the inside. Each individual sleeve is different, we don't even know what it'll say-- Just like a true Fortune Cookie.


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