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5 Reasons You Need to Attend a Fitness Expo

Posted on February 23 2017

Ever thought about going to a Fitness Expo!?


Well, you should! 


Because I promise you. You will have fun.


Don't Believe Me? Check out the top 5 reasons you should attend one in 2018!


1) It's not all Bodybuilders and Fitness Models

Think again!  You don't have to be a hardcore fitness pro to step inside an expo. While we can all appreciate a some washboard abs (think Gerard Butler in the movie 300, you have 300 reasons to watch it.), the realistic demographic of our fitness enthusiasts are not ripped.


Believe it or not, Fitness Expos were made for YOU.


The half marathoner in training, the stroller stride, bootcamp in the park #fitmom. The occasional boxer, the CrossFit hobbyist. Fitness Expos are meant for YOU.


In fact, you might just find your new best friend.


I mean, you get to be with like-minded people, people that actually value the same lifestyle you do.


Some are passionate about Fitness, others are maybe looking for something to take them to the next level, while some are just there for the free swag (we know, we know, see Reason 5).


But in reality, Fitness Expos are meant to be a judgement free place where we get to have fun and discover new fitness trends!

Total Health and Fitness Expo in Sacramento, CA with my favorites (January 2017)

2) Don't Hide Yo Kids or Yo Wife: Expos are Family Friendly!



Most Fitness Expos are Family Friendly! The Total Health and Fitness Expo in Sacramento had a dedicated kids gymnastics area, obstacle course and even a kids weightlifting clinic! How cool is that!?


So pack up that stroller and have some fitness fun! You might find a local program to get your little one involved in or maybe they'll master the Spartan Pull-Up Challenge


Now that we've moved to Colorado, which feels like the Fitness Capital of the World with all the Fitness Trends, we'll be joining in in even more events. Check out our calendar of events we're popping up next, here.


Speaking of trendy...

My little sister, and my daughter, Haley, at the Capitol Health and Fitness Expo (my first ever!) in September 2015.

3) Find out about the Newest Fitness Trends

Have you seen some crazy fitness fad on your Facebook feed, but maybe you don't know where to try it?


Come to a Fitness Expo! 


For the cost of admission [usually anywhere from FREE to $30, depending on the amenities and location], you can try the newest Fitness Trends, like Hot Hula, or PureBarre, or Prancercising (just kidding) without a commitment.


At most expos, there are literally demos, every hour, on multiple stages ready to get you moving. In addition to Yoga, Zumba, and Aerobics classes, there is always a new type of exercise to try!


There's a new workout where you dance and bang drum sticks in unison. It's called PoundFit and it's sure to be at an Expo near you!


You will also have the opportunity to meet with local Fitness pros, or watch presentations by knowledgeable people in the field of Health and Fitness. You'll witness live fitness competitions, such as Olympic Weightlifting, or Strongman Competitions (these guys Deadlift CARS, people, CARS), or CrossFit competitions, or even the strength-defying Calisthenics crews.


Prepare to be entertained! Who knows? You may be inspired to start training for the next Strongman!

4) Promote your Health and Fitness Business 

Studies have shown that when consumers can touch, taste, see, feel and try you product or service, they will become your customer for life.

We owe most of our success to showing at Fitness Expos!

I started Lifting the Dream with the intention to inspire people. I started my weight loss journey in 2015 a little more than 8 weeks after having my daughter, Haley. I had been super into fitness prior to getting pregnant with her, but I didn't keep it up during my pregnancy. I NEEDED cute workout tops to motivate me. I did my own research and taught myself how to make shirts. Like legit shirts, not the puff paint stuff I did in High School. I started dreaming up unique designs like our Mermaids Don't Skip Leg Day design or our Run Like You Stole It From Gringotts tank. 

5) The FREE Swag!

The swag you leave with, is well worth the admittance fee!


Literally every other booth has a prize wheel you can spin, or an email list you can sign up for to get a free prize. Attendees were leaving with anything from Free Protein Samples to Free Gym Memberships and more!


One thing is for sure: if you walked in the door even the slightest bit unmotivated, that's likely to change after a day of Fitness in your face.


We hope to see everyone at the 2018 Colorado Springs Fitness Expo on January 6th! Or the Aurora Sports Festival in February! You can always check out our Event Calendar or Follow us on Facebook for the most updated Event information!


Will you attend a Fitness Expo in 2018?! What are you looking forward to most!?

Malia is the owner, and mamapreneur, of Lifting the Dream. When she's not lifting heavy weights, she's doing some fun shit outdoors with her family or taste testing local ciders. She is a Cali girl born and raised, with salt water in her veins and sunshine in her heart. She and her family now reside near Denver, Colorado, soaking up the 300+ days of sunshine and breathtaking (literally, altitude) views.



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