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Somewhere Beyond the Sea: The Story Behind Our Mermaids Don’t Skip Leg Day Top

Posted on June 21 2016

I remember the day that I came up with this saying.

It was a couple weeks after we first opened the shop in May 2015.

I love mermaids, because of an obvious Mermaid presence in my Disney life growing up. I wanted to find a way to make a fun workout top that paid homage to our deep sea princess. I was brainstorming, as usual with my husband (pretty much me bouncing ideas off of him haha) and there it was. Mermaids. Don't. Skip. Leg. Day.

Ok it was more like an excited shout:


He actually looked at me funny. “Mermaids don’t have legs, I don’t get it”.

The nerve.

It could go either way, really. Do they not skip leg day because they don’t have legs? My husbands point of view.


Do they not skip leg day, because like Ariel, they really do have legs inside their tails and because they’re swimming all the time, they’re always moving their legs. How can you ever skip leg day if you’re constantly moving your legs?

Whoo, say that sentence 5 times fast!

Anyway, most anyone who has ever exercised, or watched people exercise, or heard about it, has heard that skipping Leg Day is a bad idea. Squats, Deadlifts, Running, Leg Press, all of it. If it works your legs, it's considered part of Leg Day. 

Since it's debut on our Etsy site in 2015, we've outfitted hundred's of mermaids for their Leg Day adventures! I couldn't be more proud of our original design! And while it's been copied numerous times, we're just going to keep on swimming and continue to keep the bubbly disposition knowing that our design has made thousands of people smile (or confused, like my husband, haha!).

This top is sure to be a great addition to any Mermaids wardrobe! Pair it with a pair of cute Mermaid leggings from Mermaidiatails and cute starfish hair accessories from Heavenly Sea and you’re the most fashionable mermaid on the block (…or rock)! Get yours here in our shop, while they're still in stock!


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