The Top Gifts to Get the Athlete in Your Life

The Top Gifts to Get the Athlete in Your Life

By Jillian Warren

Christmas is just around the corner and as it quickly approaches, you may be wondering what to get the athlete in your life. We have just the guide for your avid gym-goer and workout buff so that you aren’t scrambling to get something together super last minute.

1. A Solid Water Bottle

2 hydroflask stainless-steel water bottles sitting next to each other in grass with water in the background
Photo Courtesy of Shrey Gupta on Unsplash

Let’s get right down to the basics. Those who work out need to drink lots of water - therefore, a good water bottle is a necessity for one who gets their sweat on regularly. While I personally recommend Hydro Flask as the go-to bottle due to its insulation and hardy, stainless-steel exterior, there are plenty out there that will do the job. CamelBak and Nalgene are great for lugging around making wonderful gifts for anyone looking to quench their thirst. These Venture one-gallon bottles are also a perfect solution for anyone who struggles to drink enough water throughout the day.

2. WOD Dice

For anyone who has trouble coming up with workouts, having WOD dice saves a lot of headaches trying to figure one out. These SPRI Exercise Dice provide the movements on one dice and either the seconds or reps on the other dice making this simple yet perfect for those moments where you just don’t know what to do during your workout. If the athlete in your life has more equipment at their fingertips, the WODDice will provide more options.

3. Lifting Gear

woman with red nails fixing her unicorn knee sleeves
Lifting the Dream Majestic Unicorn Knee Sleeves and Siren Wrist Wraps

Every lifter in your life could use a little sumthin’ sumthin’ for all that hard work they’ve been putting in this last year. At Lifting the Dream, we’ve got all kinds of lifting gear so that anyone who dabbles with a barbell will appreciate something. From knee sleeves to wrist wraps to even lifting belts, you’ll be able to choose from multiple unique styles and even be able to personalize an item just to give it that extra sentimental touch. 

4. Foam Roller

Anyone who works out often knows the power of a foam roller. These magical tools look like a basic cylindrical foam item, but when used appropriately, they can do wonders to your body. This little guy is great for that post-workout stretch or just loosening tight neck, back, and leg muscles. Give your athletic bud the gift of relief with the assistance of a foam roller to ease that tension.

5. Epsom Salts

birds eye view of Epsom salts bowl with eucalyptus hanging over it
Photo Courtesy of Tara Winstead on Pexels

Speaking of relief from tension, Epsom salt baths are always a great way to relax sore muscles and even relieve a bit of mental stress. Dr. Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt is a highly rated and fairly inexpensive bath salt brand and no matter what the scent, smells like heaven.

6. FitBit

Someone who is into exercising often or even someone new to working out will probably enjoy being able to see their progress on a daily basis. For this reason, a Fitbit is an amazing gift for anyone wanting to keep tabs on fitness goals. I currently use an older version (the Fitbit Charge 2) and love getting to see physical data showing how hard I pushed through a workout as well as trying to get past 10,000 steps every day.

7. Fitness Energy Drink

Getting the energy to work out can sometimes be a struggle which is why a lot of athletes will find a sports energy drink to give just the right amount of push to get them going. Unfortunately, there are so many pre-workouts out there loaded with caffeine and sugar that it takes away from the healthy experience. That’s why the Celsius Fitness Energy drink is the perfect replacement. Aside from there being less sugar and caffeine than your average energy drink, this beverage helps to accelerate the metabolism and provides several daily vitamins you need in every can. If your workout buddy is looking for a new energy drink to try, Celsius could be a nice little present for them.

8. DIY Lavender Sachet

Nobody likes a stinky gym bag. NOBODY. 

Sometimes a body spray can cover the scent for a day, but soon it just comes back with a smelly vengeance. Fortunately, lavender is a great deodorizer and can really overpower a gym bag that has carried some sweaty clothes in it. These DIY lavender sachets make cute gifts but are also incredibly efficient. One little sachet goes into a gym bag and keeps it smelling fresh. Plus, who doesn’t love homemade gifts for Christmas?

Of course, if you're not feeling so crafty over the holidays, this Bad (Ass) Stink Spray will come in very handy.

As an athlete, what gifts would you want to receive?

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