The Fitness Trend that Changed My Life

The Fitness Trend that Changed My Life


By Malia Warren

When is the last time you did something new? 


A new food? A new brand of socks? How about a new Fitness Trend

That’s what some in the Fitness industry like to say about CrossFit® – it’s a trend. 

I’ll say this right now, and not just because I drank the Koolaid (it was so effing good, by the way): there is always, always going to be a place for CrossFit® in the Fitness world.

Jazzercise is still cool.

I mean, I’m pretty sure Jazzercise (also ®) is still around and my mom did that shit when she was pregnant with me, back when leotards were cool. (P.S. Apparently, they still are!)

If you stop and think about it, the sport of CrossFit®, has always been around. People have always lifted heavy things and put them down, for fun.

Speaking of taking it back, and in honor of the Crossfit® Games Open happening right now, I thought this would be a fun opportunity to share with you a blog post I did back in the day, very shortly after I took my first class. Please forgive my lack of badassery back then, I'm still working on it:

I remember my first Crossfit class like it was yesterday.

On July 2, 2012, I entered my first "box".

I didn't know what to expect. Even though I thought I was a badass with 6 weeks of boot camp behind me, I was scared.

Leading up to this fateful date, I was super curious. What the hell is Crossfit?

My only knowledge of it was a few pictures and statuses on Facebook from my friend, whose brother just opened up his own box in my hometown of Lompoc (#CrossFitOhana). It looked pretty badass but still not sure.

Oh and I saw like 5 min of the Women’s Regionals on T.V. I’ll admit, I didn’t know what I was watching, and changed the channel. #sorryAnnie

But I was so curious. What the FRENCH TOAST is CROSSFIT? 

Alas, curiosity took hold of my wallet and I purchased the 5 Crossfit classes for $25 deal on Livingsocial and scheduled my first class.

The warehouse aspect of it took me by surprise. Ok cool, so a bunch of fitness people got together and built a gym. It looked like a garage gym to me. I was so used to group fitness classes held in studios or outside in parks, I was thoroughly confused.

So again, I asked myself WHAT THE HELL IS CROSSFIT? And why am I in this garage about to work out? What are those? Pull-up bars? Dude, I'm not getting on that thing, I haven't done a pull-up…ever. Why are those people jump roping? Oh god, they're lifting, like, real weights on real barbells. Is the word SNATCH really written on the wall?

My pre-conceived thoughts about weightlifting were that mostly only guys did it. But wait up, there are girls here in this gym doing it too.

Insert sidetracked thought: Whoa… I want a body like that.

These were literally all of my first impressions. I was nervous, scared, and not prepared, mentally or physically, for anything that was about to go down.

During the workout, I kept thinking to myself... Why? Why I am I here? Why does anyone think that this is fun? Why do I have to keep going? I literally thought I was going to pass out. No, Really. It was 105 outside in Sacramento that evening.

I had no idea that this single session would change my life.

Fast forward to today, CrossFit is such an important part of my life and I can't imagine giving it up.

Instead of thinking, “I want the hot body”, I think of being stronger (AND having a hot body, I mean c’mon who doesn’t!?).

I don't dread the lifting, instead, I ask "how much can I do today?"

Run 5 miles? Bring it on.

Between the Rowing, Double-Unders, Pull-ups, Box Jumps, Power Snatches (yes, my blog readin' friend, I did end up being able to Snatch HAHA).

I find myself researching movements, buying more workout clothes than regular clothes, and following CrossFit/Fitness tips online.

No, CrossFit isn't for everyone.

But I know it's for me. The pain, the blisters, and the bruises are what keep me coming back for more.

by malia warren, back in the day, circa july 2012 trying my first crossfit class.


Thanks for taking a look into my CrossFit® experience. I hope that it inspires someone to get out there and try it!

Back then, CrossFit was SO hard for me. I wanted to give up because I felt so uncomfortable. But that's what kept me going back.

Most CrossFit gyms will let you try your first class for FREE. Some even have a week for FREE. What do you have to lose? Some Sweat?

As humans, we crave community. Whether it’s from your neighborhood, your online gaming buddies, or your recreational sports team, we need a tribe to call our own. You’ll find your tribe within a strong fitness community.


But don’t take my word for it, take Jon Fisher’s words: “Imagine meeting up with your friends for beers every day without all the negative side effects”. Jon is an avid CrossFitter and dad!

Patrick Van Wye, from Pleasant Hill CrossFit loves the team vibe, saying “Nothing lifts the dream like us.” Uh-huh, I see you, Patrick. Nobody appreciates the Lifting the Dream sentiments as we do.

There is a common misconception that walking into a CrossFit gym automatically means you have to lift a barbell at the same weight as everyone else. Let’s talk about this for a minute.

You don’t.

Ok, we’re done with that convo.


But seriously, don’t feel like you have to be at that level as soon as you walk in. In fact, CrossFit® Headquarters encourage you to partake in their community for the FUN of it.

Speaking of FUN, you should totally do a local CrossFit® competition, put on by gyms all across the nation, on any given Saturday. Check out our post on whether or not you should do a functional fitness competition.

I am Loving Diana Joyner’s take on the inclusivity of CrossFit: “(I love) the combination of weight lifting and endurance training. I love the variety, but most of all I love the support from peers despite our differences in strength. No judgement just love.”

Think you’re too “old” to try CrossFit? Think again!  

Kelly Calhoun of PHCF CrossFit started doing CrossFit at 53. Now 4+ years later she loves the way she feels and how surprised people are when she picks up heavy stuff.

With CrossFit, there is no limit on age, size, or skill level. Go pick up heavy stuff. Your body was made for this, it’s not just a "trend". Do something that will change your life for the better.

And then send me a thank you message, 'cause I told you so :) 


If you have any questions or you would like to be a guest blogger, please email us at


Have you tried CrossFit before? What did you think? If not, what is stopping you?


Do you use checklists daily? How do they help you with day-to-day activities?

Woman lifting a barbell

Malia is the force behind Lifting the Dream and a proud mompreneur. When she's not lifting heavy weights, she's probably at the beach or Disney with her family. She is a Cali girl born and raised, with salt water in her veins and sunshine in her heart. She and her family now reside in Florida soaking up the sun, heat, and all the amazing outdoor activities this state has to offer.




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