How to Use Wrist Wraps

How to Use Wrist Wraps

 By Malia Warren

Understanding the proper use of wrist wraps is key to maximizing their benefits.

In this blog, we'll delve into the importance of wrist wraps, discuss the scenarios where they prove most beneficial, and provide instructions on how to correctly wear and utilize them.

Whether you're aiming for improved stability during heavy lifts or looking to prevent wrist fatigue in high-intensity workouts, this guide will equip you with the knowledge to make the most out of your wrist wraps and elevate your fitness experience. 


What is a Wrist Wrap?


A wrist wrap is a specialized fitness accessory designed to provide support, stability, and protection to the wrist joint during various physical activities, particularly weightlifting and high-intensity workouts.

Typically made from durable and elastic materials like nylon or cotton, these wraps are characterized by their long and adjustable design, allowing for a customizable fit around the wrist.

The primary function of wrist wraps is to limit the range of motion in the wrist, offering added reinforcement to the joint and surrounding ligaments. This support can be crucial for individuals engaging in heavy lifts, repetitive wrist movements, or exercises that put strain on the wrist.

By minimizing excessive flexion and extension, wrist wraps contribute to injury prevention and aid in maintaining proper form throughout demanding workouts.

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Types of Wrist Wraps


There are two different kinds of wrist wraps on the market, one with a tie closure and one with a velcro closure.

The tie closure type is usually made out of fabric, such as cotton, and requires the wearer to position the wrap on their wrist fully and then tuck in the string inside itself to stay put.

They’re sturdy, strong, and do the job. Designs are more versatile, because cotton fabric is easy to come by.

However, the structure of the wrap limits the user to having to remove the entire wrap just to adjust it.

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The velcro option allows for the user to easily put on and take off the wraps without the hassle of tying them. You can make them extra tight for more support during a heavy PR lift and slightly looser for a more comfortable fit during a WOD. All of this can be done without fully taking the wrist wrap off, unlike the tie option mentioned previously.

Whatever your preferred level of support is you can get it with these wraps.

They easily twist on and off, tighten and loosen, and the velcro attachment makes them easier to adjust than cotton wrist wraps.

When your wrists need extra support you can count on our wraps to be strong, durable, and supportive while remaining comfortable.



When to Wear Wrist Wraps


Depending on individual preferences, fitness goals, and specific workout scenarios. Here are some instances when using wrist wraps may be beneficial:

    1. Heavy Lifting Sessions: Wrist wraps are particularly useful during heavy lifting sessions, such as deadlifts, bench presses, or overhead presses, where there's increased strain on the wrists.
    2. Rehabilitation: Individuals recovering from a wrist injury or strain may use wrist wraps during rehabilitation exercises to provide support and protect the healing tissues.
    3. Functional Fitness Workouts: Wrist wraps can be beneficial in CrossFit routines that involve a combination of weightlifting and gymnastics, helping athletes maintain wrist stability through various movements.
    4. Weak Wrist Joints: People with weak or unstable wrist joints may choose to use wrist wraps during various exercises to prevent excessive bending or strain.
    5. Preventing Hyperextension: Wrist wraps are helpful for preventing hyperextension of the wrist, especially during exercises that involve bending the wrist backward, such as front squats.


How to Wear Them


Putting on wrist wraps are relatively straightforward but here is a short step-by-step tutorial on how to put them on.

    1. Locate the loop intended for the thumb: Slide your thumb through this loop, ensuring a snug fit.
    2. Position on the Wrist: Place the wrist wrap just above the wrist joint, aligning it with the base of your hand.
    3. Wrap Around: Begin wrapping the wrist wrap around your wrist ensuring a firm yet comfortable tension.
    4. Secure with Velcro: Once wrapped, secure the wrist wrap in place using the Velcro strap. Make any necessary adjustments to achieve the desired level of tightness and support.
    5. Check Fit: Ensure the wrap is snug but not too tight, allowing for proper blood circulation. You should be able to move your wrist freely while still feeling supported.
    6. Repeat for the Other Wrist: If you're using a pair of wrist wraps, repeat the process for the other wrist.


Size Matters



Choosing the right size wrist wrap is crucial for optimizing support during workouts.

    1. 9 inch Wraps: The 9-inch wraps are ideal for youth or adults with smaller wrists, providing a secure fit without unnecessary bulk.
    2. 12 inch Wraps: The 12-inch wraps are perfect for most functional fitness athletes, striking a balance between flexibility and stability.
    3. 18 inch Wraps: For those seeking maximum support during intense workouts, the 18-inch wraps offer comprehensive wrist stability, making them perfect for functional fitness enthusiasts who prioritize robust support during heavy lifts and dynamic movements.


Did you know? 


Wrist wraps can benefit various physical activities beyond Functional Fitness and Lifting. Here are some examples:

    1. Gymnastics: handstands, cartwheels, and other weight-bearing movements.
    2. Calisthenics: bodyweight exercises like push-ups, dips, and handstands can benefit from the stability provided by wrist wraps.
    3. Yoga: relieve strain during poses that involve putting weight on the wrists, such as plank or downward dog.
    4. Combat Sports: Martial arts and boxing training often involve wrist-intensive movements, and wraps can provide additional support and protection.
    5. Climbing: Wrist wraps can support the wrists during climbing activities, especially bouldering or activities that require gripping.
    6. Rehabilitation: Individuals recovering from wrist injuries or undergoing rehabilitation exercises may find wrist wraps helpful in providing controlled support.


BONUS: They’re anti-microbial, and we have a donut print, with no calories in them.

For wrist wraps, we recommend affixing the velcro in place before cleaning. This will give the Velcro a longer life!

Washing instructions are included in every package but make sure to throw them into a garment bag if they're going in the washer or hand-wash with a mild detergent. 

That’s a wrap!



Do you use wrist wraps? What YOU use them for?

If you have any questions or you would like to be a guest blogger, please email us at


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