7 Ways to Support Your Favorite Small Business Without Spending Money

7 Ways to Support Your Favorite Small Business Without Spending Money

By Shabana Waheed

We all love small businesses. Aside from being a really enjoyable way of shopping, small businesses are basically the backbone of a successful economy. Knowing that you’re not only getting a quality product but also that it's going directly to a person or family that has put their blood, sweat, and tears into building it, is rewarding in and of itself.

Even though you may want to help support your favorite family-owned business, we get that sometimes you may not have the funds to buy from them or you don’t happen to need anything at the time. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can assist these friendly businesses without burning a hole in your pocket. It’s easy, it’s free, and it helps SO much more than you know! With Small Business Saturday coming up, here are my top 7 ways to help support your favorites.

1. Follow Them on Social Media

Following your favorite brand on social media not only helps them boost their account, but it also creates more visibility for them and creates more exposure to people they otherwise might not be able to reach without YOUR help. So, if you have a Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. - follow them. 

2. Comment on Their Posts

Even if it’s just dropping an emoji! Leave a "❤️" or even just tapping the like button on the post when you see it come across your feed will help boost their account in the algorithm of social media land. This is huge and a lot bigger than people realize.

3. SHARE Their Post to Your Stories or Feed

Sharing someone's post additionally helps create a wider reach and more visibility for the brand. See the screen grab below. This is what will pop up after you click that little share arrow. It allows you to share in YOUR own stories.

4. Subscribe to Their Blog and Email List

This might not seem helpful, but it is! Engage with blog posts and share them with your friends if you found them helpful. Sign up for their email list. You never know, you just might get a heads up on sales or other local events happening you wouldn’t have known about.

5. Review a Product

Already have something from the brand? Leave a product review! This will help other customers when deciding on items to purchase. Remember, if there is something you didn’t like, contact the brand first to see if they can resolve your issue before leaving a bad review. Chances are, it can be fixed and you’ll still be happy with your purchase.

6. Post Photo/Video Using Their Products and Tag Them

This helps create brand awareness and allows them to re-post your photos if you grant permission to do so. People LOVE seeing others use the products in action. Don’t be shy! Smile for that camera 😁!!

Do they have a hashtag they use to keep track of their followers posts? Use it. This is one that can also help you, too, if you are wanting to grow your own following. Tagging your favorite brand and using their hashtag will get you noticed, reposted, and gain more visibility for yourself. It’s a win-win!


7. Lastly, Share an Encouraging Word

If you see your friend or favorite small business hustling, send them a message of encouragement! A lot of times small businesses are run by ONE person, or just a few, and they often hear the complaints but never the encouragement. So, if you feel it, share it. I promise you- your words are welcome and wanted more than you know.


Do you have some other ways to help your favorite small business? Leave a comment and let us know! We’d love to hear from you.


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