7 Exercises to Try With Your Dog

7 Exercises to Try With Your Dog

By Gabrielle Neuhaus-Harsh

If you are a dog owner, you're in luck.

It seems that dog owners out there have a leg up in the world of fitness. I think we all struggle to work out by ourselves and so we try to find a workout partner but it’s hard to find someone as consistent as you.

Photo courtesy of Spencer on Pexels

Well I think dog lovers may have found the cheat code on this one.

According to a study, people with dogs are 4 times more likely to reach today’s physical activity guidelines. Other research suggests that working out with your dog helps you stick to your workout plan better.


Walking is a great, simple exercise to get you and your dog started in this new workout routine. If you already take your dog on a walk maybe you could step it up a notch by either going for a longer walk or more of a speed walk.


The next step up from that could be to start running or jogging with your new workout buddy. Now make sure that you both are actually physically ready to go on a run or jog. Because it can be dangerous if your dog isn’t physically fit enough to be running and then you take them for a run. Also, not all dogs are built for running so be careful.


This is an exercise that is beneficial for dogs and people that have arthritis. It is easy on the joints, but it works pretty much all of your muscle groups, so it is a great workout. Make sure to start slowly with your dog in case they have never been swimming or they may not enjoy it. You can use treats of some sort as motivation for them.


If you are lucky enough to live some place where hiking is available to you then by all means take your dog with you! Hiking is such a great exercise for you, make sure you include your pooch in on the fun.

Photo Courtesy of Ira on Pexels


This is a fun and different one! Lately dance fitness has been becoming increasingly popular for people. This can be just as fun and effective for your dog as well. Dancing can give some of the same benefits as the exercises already mentioned, such as burning calories, lower blood pressure, and improved muscle tone. While you dance it out, your dog can jump around and run around you as well.


Now maybe you prefer something a little less cardio intense like yoga. I know I prefer yoga over any of these other ones we mentioned. If yoga is your preferred method of working out, you can easily have your pooch join in on the stretching.


The last suggestion we have for you and your hound is just to go out and play different games with them. Most dogs will love to have you give them this attention and time to play games with them that they love. You could play a simple game of fetch, tug of war, or even frisbee.

Honestly whatever exercise you find the most enjoyable for you, you can find a way to include your dog in on it. Always make sure that you take it slow in the beginning to get your dog warmed up.

Be sure you and your pooch are being as safe as possible and remember have fun!


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