5 Other Fitness Activities to Try TODAY

5 Other Fitness Activities to Try TODAY

by Malia Warren

Have you ever heard the saying, "humans are creatures of habit"?

Of course you have. It's true. We all have habits big and small - some that we repeat every single day, even if we don't realize it and call it a habit.


We do what we're comfortable with, especially when it comes to fitness. If we're an avid kickboxer, we might shun the idea of trying a CycleBar class. If you're an avid tennis player, you might be thinking you'd rather jump into a pool of cold water than try out an Aerial Yoga class. 

But here's the thing: our bodies get into these comfort zones and literally fight back against our goals.

Ever hit a weight plateau?

You're eating right, hormones in check, lifting routing 4-5 days a week, macros on sorta point. But the 2 pound goal you had just isn't happening.

Of course, always talk to your doctor to rule out any medical issues, but consider changing things up! Get out of your routine and incorporate NEW stuff.

Scary I know, but I believe in you. Here are some of my suggestions for adding some spice to your life (#spicegirls):


Ok, ok. But hear me out. Skating is super fun. 

Additionally, it strengthens muscles! Expect to use your core, leg muscles, and buttocks quite a bit during your session.

"The shock impact on your knees is also 50% less than you experience when running, according to a study by the University of Massachusetts." On top of that, you can score a set of blades on eBay for less than $100, or a brand-new pair for about $120 or so on Amazon. Once you get a pair of skates, you're set. It's literally free to skate anywhere in public. You can remain on the sidewalk with the walkers, unlike the courtesy rules of biking.

If you're afraid of falling or serious injury, I recommend finding a tennis court or basketball court to practice on until you get comfortable. There are tons of videos on YouTube that will skate you through the motions if you're brand new to it. I also recommend a helmet, wrist guards, and some sort of knee protection. If you have some of our Knee Sleeves already, those will work great for keeping your knees limber and happy while you use them to balance and pump your way to a great workout!

Lace up those skates, grab a friend who is just as crazy as you are, and have some fun!

If you don't have the need, the need FOR SPEED (if you know, you know), then try something a little bit slower pace with more scenic views: take a hike!




Most of us have been on a hike at one point or another in our lives. Does anyone really hate hiking? It's hard, dirty sometimes, and requires a fair amount of gear for comfort, but it's another free exercise you can incorporate into your routine that has multiple benefits.

Not only can you benefit from the fresh air #mentalhealth but you can also get in some good cardio. Depending on the terrain (easy being less and difficult trails being more) you can expect to burn between 400-500 calories per hike.

Most hikes allow dogs so you can bring along your best furry friend, but be sure to pack ready for the length. I always wear my hiking boots (nothing fancy, just some Columbia boots I picked up at a thrift store), longer socks (because thistles), and my water pack. For longer hikes, I suggest packing snacks and/or a lunch. It's better to overestimate what you'll need than to underestimate - you just never know what you might need!

So next time you're looking for a unique cardio session, add in a hike 1-2 times per week. Be sure to check out All Trails for trails local to you. I love using their app because 1) it's Free, and 2) there are reviews and photos of current trail conditions which are super valuable to check out prior to going for a more enjoyable hike!

If you live somewhere flat with a lack of mountains, no worries, try out a local nature park! Here in Florida we have dozens of nature walks that will submerse you in the calm of nature. Much like a hike, walking outdoors increases endorphins which have been proven to make exercise more fun!

Mountain Bike/Cycle

This is a two-fold suggestion in that if you don't have a bike, cycling is the next best thing. Maybe you've heard of a popular fitness trend that is taking over the workout-at-home world called Peloton. No longer do you have to sit inside a class next to 20-30 other people sweating it out to "Chandelier". No, no my friend, you can get yourself a Peloton bike and put the pedal to the metal - in your living room!


With live instructors offering more than just cycling, it's easy to see why this was the most popular piece of fitness equipment to own in 2020.

However, for those that prefer to do their biking outdoors - the great wide world was still open during the pandemic. It's easy to socially distance on a bike, so people took to the outdoors and sought biking as a means of exercise. It's no surprise that from January 2020 to October 2020 bike sales rose a whopping 62% from the previous year, according to the Verge. This also meant an increase in demand for bike trailers and ways to get the whole family involved.

Personally, our family purchased bikes for all 4 of us so that we could get out and ride. It was truly long overdue. We had so much fun finding trails, taking them camping, and really just having an excuse to get out and enjoy the fresh air. I rediscovered my love of Mountain Biking, taking to the trails with friends and challenging myself.

As an added bonus, getting a bike can operate as a means of transportation! That's right - your two-wheeled machine can take the place of your car if needed. If your gym is close enough, hop on and ride to/from the gym for some extra cardio!

The motion of the bike is directly dependent on the rider - the harder you pedal, the harder your legs work, which can mean some great strengthening of your leg muscles. Whether you choose cycling or biking, make sure you're rocking a helmet (always, non-negotiable), and expect to burn somewhere between 300-400 calories per hour. During the warmer months, I like to add in a mountain bike session at least once a week. Lately I've been doing CycleBar (indoor cycling) once a week and LOVE it, but since summer is here, I'll have to do both.


This one might surprise you. Or not. But Yoga should be a part of everyone's exercise routine - whether you're 2 or 99. You'd be surprised how many people out there are scared to try or intimidated by it. I can absolutely see why, but can promise it's cooler than you think.

Oh, Yoga, my dear sweet friend. We go over the benefits of yoga in one of our previous posts, so I won't bore you to death with more reasons why it's amazing and you should put down the computer or phone or whatever and do it right now.

I prefer to do Yoga in a class, where an instructor can make sure I'm not breaking myself. But if you don't mind being solo, this is a great one to do in your home. There are many free Yoga videos on YouTube that you can follow along with in your living room - no mat required! Since the pandemic hit, studios were requiring masks indoors while doing it and I just couldn't do it. I love yoga - but not enough to be in a cramped space, exercising and wearing a mask.

However, now that things are getting somewhat back to normal, I encourage you to check local studios and give it a try! Yoga is so relaxing and beneficial for your body.

Because yogi's can burn between 200-300 calories in an hour-long session AND stretch your sore ass out, it has my vote for spicing up your fitness routine as an Active Recovery.

Dance Class

Alright, drum roll please. *Dance Class*. I said it and I meant it. I literally do not know a soul who doesn't like to dance. Maybe that says something about me as a person, HAHA, but everyone likes to dance - right? Could be a backup dancer to J-Lo, or Uncle Ned's wedding, or solo while doing dishes.


Our bodies were made to MOVE. So go on, shake it like a salt shaker when the beat hits!

As adults, we barely give ourselves time to play. You know, be silly, laugh too hard, play sports - things we did as kids. Hence, the rollerblading suggestion above. The reason I am suggesting a dance class is because it will allow you to get back to being a kid again.

Feel those giddy butterflies.

Laugh because you're having so much fun.

Get in TUNE with your inner kid.

Maybe you've always wanted to learn how to salsa. Maybe your 1, 2, Step needs some help. But regardless, doing a dance class can have endless benefits for your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. If you're afraid you'll break your 1:1 instructor's toes, try a hip-hop or Polynesian style class. If you truly aren't ready to learn a sweet routine, try a Zumba class.

Dancing burns about 300-800 calories depending on the type of dancing you're doing.

All of these activities are great ways to burn calories and get your fitness on and change up your routine! Sound a little daunting? I get it - there is a lot here, but when you commit yourself to 60 minutes a day minimum of fitness or active recovery, you're making good choices for your body.


If you have any questions or you would like to be a guest blogger, please email us at blog@liftingthedream.com  


What are some of your favorite Fitness Activities to try?



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Malia is the force behind Lifting the Dream and a proud mompreneur. When she's not lifting heavy weights, she's probably at the beach or Disney with her family. She is a Cali girl born and raised, with salt water in her veins and sunshine in her heart. She and her family now reside in Florida soaking up the sun, heat, and all the amazing outdoor activities this state has to offer.




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